Saturday, December 15, 2012


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Last Day

The last day I want to show the greatest food in the world------rice. It is basic but not so simple. I has to relay on rice everyday. No matter what I eat, I just fell satisfied after eating rice.

I think there are some thing like rice in our life, they used to be ignored, but truely important and necessary. It reminds me of my parents. Actually I used to make friends with new people and enjoy time with classmates and friends. However, my parents are always supporting me in the back. They show their concern silent and without excepting return. When I get tired and boring about the complicated world. They are always welcoming me to return home.

I am a little bit homesick now~


Matcha sounds like a tradition Japanese food. However, it is also invented by Chinese 2000 years ago.And it is very popular in Tang and Song dynasty of more then 1000 history. However, it was replaced by drinking directly in Ming dynasty. Then it is transported to Japan and developed by Japanese. It is a kind of power made by tea leaves and now widely used in making cookies or cakes and such deserts.

The food which add Matcha has a great taste of tea and looks green. Traditional Matcha must be made by a special ancient stone and takes a lot of time. There is still no a modern machine can do better than the ancient way. So the true Matcha is really expensive and hard to see. The food sells in the market always just simple power with taste like tea, but can compare with the true Matcha.

Because Matcha is made by Chinese Tea, so it has not only a great taste, but also a lot of benefits for healthy. It can kill lots kind of bacterium and keep body fit. The temp always use Matcha to welcome important visitors.

Maybe I haven't meet the true Matcha, but I really like the cakes or cookies with Matcha taste, it is not too sweet, but with a good smell of tea~

Actually, I like tea very much, so I like Matcha very much. They are healthy and taste soft~


I would like to introduce some Chinese food, for example dumplings. Dumplings is a traditional Chinese food. Firstly, it just appeared in northern China, but nowadays,it is become very common in every family in China. And instant dumplings are sold in every supermarket.

However, there is still a little difference that northern China families are used to make dumplings themselves and eat dumplings for daily meal, but most southern China families  usually just eat dumplings when new year is coming and eat instant dumplings. I never make dumplings myself so I am laughed by roommates who come from northern China.

There is a special day called "Dongzhi", it means the winter is coming, northern Chinese will eat dumplings this day because there is a interesting believe in ancient China that if you eat dumplings on this day, then your ears won't be frostbite in the whole winter. Even though nobody believe it now, but it comes to be a tradition.

There are many kinds of dumplings which use different materials. My favorite one is shrimp and chicken dumplings. Pork dumplings is most common, but I think it is not a good idea to eat pork dumplings before taking a trip but car. I usually have a carsickness especially after eating pork dumplings. Beef dumplings is not so common, maybe beef is hard to cook.

I am learning to make dumplings, it is great fun.


Candy is kid's favorite, I remember the teachers in primary school always use candies as prizes for the best performance students. I know how powerful candy is when I play with my little cousin, because he will stop crying as soon as I give he one candy, and crying again as soon as I took the candy away, just like a toy controlled with a button. I enjoyed playing this game all the summer looking after him.

There are several special candies popular among children, which not only have a attractive taste, but also have great joy. Cotton candy invented by America is already popular in China when I was a kid. It looks like a cloud suspend in hands, like in the fairy tells. Another kind of popular candy is Pop Rocks, which can jump on your tongue and taste like a small bomb. It is invented by William A. Mitchell in 1970s. But  at this time it sells badly and has to stop producing because people it will harms children and explode in children's   stomach.

The other kind of candy can make sounds when you hold it between tooth. And some candies can be used to make houses, decorated train, toys. Some candies is designed for tricky, they can make people's tooth all red or  have a strange taste or make the mouth looks strange. But the most interesting candy in childrens' memory may be the candy described in J.K.ROWLING's book, which are with lots of powerful magic.

Dylan’s Candy Bar(DCB) is the biggest and most famous candy shop in the world, 
it is owned by by Dylan Lauren, daughter of Ralph Lauren, the famous designer.
Obviously,it will contains all the beautiful and top candies. 
I hope I could see it one day.
When we are adults, we don't eat candies so much. But we will share it with children
just like spread the creative and joyful dreams. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

What I did

Let's go for exam.


Jelly is one of my favorite snacks when I was a child. I love jelly contains tangerines inside and my favorite kind of jelly is called "Xizhilang". I usually eat up all the jelly one time, and my mother think it is too unhealthy. Then she made rules I can just have two jelly one day.

I have a best friend at primary school. Although I loved jelly very much and I just have two for one day, I would like to give her one every morning when we went to school together.And another reason was she will share dried Longan with me.

Jelly seems more popular in China than American, may be the reason Chinese don't eat pudding so much. The jelly has a various taste and shapes. There is a famous jelly called "Love of Lalique" in China. Because it usually have shape of heart and with love sentences for each one.

In the Valentine's Day in about three years ago, I pretend to be my father send jelly of "Love of Lalique" to my mother. I thought I cheat my mother successfully for she seems very happy. However, my mother told me one year later, she know everything at my first sentence...

I am not loving in jelly now, because I grow up. Jelly just contained the memory of childhood for me